In the Fall of 2015, 150 sophomores began a research into important mental health issues facing our country.  In no time at all, they came upon something called stigma. They realized that nearly one-third of those diagnosed with the mental illness never seek help.  It’s estimated many more of the population are struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness and are also not seeking help. These students realized an ugly connection between these startling statistics and the stigma firmly attached to mental illness.  So what did they want to do about it?

The answer to that questions was More Than a Stigma, an awareness and action campaign to slowly chip away the stigma associated with mental illness.  More Than a Stigma, MTAS, is a project completely operated by students and guided by adult facilitators at Compass Academy. Three years later, a new batch of passionate 15-16 year-olds are at the helm spreading awareness and inspiring action throughout their community.  

Join our efforts by attending this year’s Children’s Mental Health Conference on May 5th.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Contact us with questions or your own stories.  Together we can end the stigma of mental illness.

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